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What we do

At The Team Circle, we make a difference. We work with teams across multiple sectors facing unique challenges, who are ready to invest time and energy in their relationships and performance – to think together, work together and learn together.  

As team coaches, we specialise in:


Established Teams

We support established teams experiencing or leading others through change 

Start-up/New Teams

We inspire start-up teams in new businesses and new teams in existing organisations 

Under-performing Teams

We enable under-performing teams looking to restore success, growth and strength 

Accredited and non-judgemental, we enable teams to respect and work with difference, resolving unconscious barriers to collective performance and personal growth. Together, we create the safe space for the conversations that need to be heard. 

Our fresh approach 

Your team is unique – and so is our coaching. Our thoughtful approach brings enough structure to be useful, so it can adapt and evolve with you.  

We are people, working with people: human and open. We listen, reflect, design and deliver bespoke team coaching, based on this four-stage process:  

  1. Team Diagnostic:  we seek each team member’s input on your development goal and process to create the programme that’s right for you. 
  2. Team Foundation:  we facilitate a dedicated team coaching session(s) based on the diagnostic findings to address your team’s identified issues and learning goals.  
  3. Team Mastery:  we deliver four 4-hour coaching sessions for your team, on the job, to embed your agreed new ways of working. 
  4. Team Member 1:1 Coaching (optional):  we support your team leader and team members to resolve individual development challenges, that are critical to team performance.